Are you looking for an advisor that values your business the way you do?

We are former software company operators, turned dealmakers, to help maximize your business value.

Barrs Lewis, Former CEO and Shareholder of Time Management Corporation

We help you level the playing field.

At Ponterra, we help you maximize your valuations at exit while considering the right partners for your employees and business legacy. Our principals have run small businesses like yours and held senior management positions in large companies. One of our key differentiators is our forward-looking approach designed to help build and maximize your business value. We help you level the playing field with large buyers and financial investors in order to achieve the optimal outcome.

We Work Internationally To Add Value For You.

Join the growing list of savvy companies that worked with us to prepare for and achieve value maximized exits.

“The quality of the team that you choose is very important. Without John and his team, there’s no way we could have maximized value on this sale.”

– Henry Danish, former Chairman and Shareholder of EZ Yield

“Ponterra did an extraordinary job in marketing and making the contacts for us in the industry so that we had an audience.”

– Barrs Lewis, former CEO and Shareholder of Time Management Corporation

“I think Ponterra brought 10 times the value that they cost. They helped us achieve a target that was, frankly, higher than where we were pointed. And I don’t think we would’ve gotten there on our own.”

– Drew Peloubet, former CEO and Shareholder of Restaurant Magic

Leadership Team

John Rovani

Managing Partner & Founder

Global B2B M&A strategist, dealmaker, and certified business coach with 19 years of technology M&A advisory experience. Former leader of two SaaS companies and Fortune 500 executive with 16 years of operating experience.

James Filsinger

Managing Director

B2B M&A dealmaker with 25 years in the tech industry. Former CEO of three SaaS companies, experience managing two exits as a CEO operator, and 8 years of buy-side experience.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

We are in the business of serving small to mid sized business owners looking to maximize exit value and optimize deal terms with the assistance of our accomplished operator/transaction experts who know how to bridge the gap between small and large businesses.


Our mission is to level the playing field for our clients using our large company operating and acquisitions experience and lengthy mid-market expertise. We see ourselves as the Robin Hood of small companies in helping them ace their value-maximized exit and find the right homes for their legacies and teams.


Our vision is to be the best software, data, and services company advisor to maximize value and optimize terms for our clients.

Core Values

At Ponterra, we are upfront, direct, and transparent with our clients, always.


We hold ourselves to a high moral standard while conducting our work in the best and most responsible way possible.


We are transparent throughout the process so that everyone is on the same page and is treated with the utmost respect.


We give our clients the full picture with the goal of helping them achieve their highest potential for their business.


We work together, as a team, to deliver expertise as a group of specialists with varied functional and cultural backgrounds.

We Work Internationally To Add Value For You.

Our Locations

The firm is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA and has presence in Berlin, Germany, Bogota, Colombia, Washington, D.C., and Seattle, Washington.