Hear from Our Clients

  • "The process that they put together was impressive. They knew exactly how we were going to go to market, how we were going to talk to people, what we need to communicate, how to make the best value proposition to those people so they'll have the most interest in us."

    Don Hay
    Don Hay Founder and former CEO of Digital Alchemy
  • "I have known John Rovani for more than a decade, working with him on both buy and sell sides of transactions. He and his team are fantastic! They bring business savvy and substantive operational experience to the M&A process that enables them to have a true understanding of the circumstances and challenges of selling a business."

    James Filsinger
    James Filsinger President & CEO, Yapta, Inc.
  • "I’ve sold companies using both large and small investment banks, and each time, the deal team consisted of a small group of three to four people. I discovered what matters when selecting an investment bank is choosing the right team, regardless of bank size."

    Barrs Lewis
    Barrs Lewis CEO, Time Management Corporation

The testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is no guarantee of future performance or success. Most transactions are securities transactions.

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